VVM Virtual final event

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Dear Supporters and Enthusiasts of the VVM Final Event,

Due to the excitement and overwhelming demand, our in-person attendance capacity has reached its limit, and we are fully booked.

To ensure that none of our valued participants miss out on the results of VVM, we've managed set up live streams of the presentations as a last minute virtual life raft for those unable to secure a spot.

While we understand that the virtual experience cannot replicate the dynamic nature of in-person attendance, the live streams will serve as a lifeline for those who, unfortunately, couldn't be accommodated in person. We hope that they will still provide an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the project results and get an impression of the event in Stuttgart.


Presentations on Main Stage

The Main Stage will be live and broadcasting during the presentations on day one and day two.

Accessible on our website: Channel 1



Special Session on V&V Test Design, Test Planning and Execution

Additionally, we will broadcast the Special Session on V&V Test Design, Test Planning and Execution on day one, 14:00-16:30.

Accessible on our website: Channel 2


The centerpiece of our event is our exhibition area. In 14 thematic areas, you have the chance to get in depth information via live demonstrations, exhibits and poster discussions. While we cannot make up for the discussions and expert insights, we can provide the posters of the experts from the exhibition for more details on the different aspects of VVM. 

Accessible on our website: Posters